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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic policy concerning protection of individual information

The Torres group believes that it is an important social obligation for the enterprise to recognize the societal demand for protection of individual information; and to promote proper handling of individual information.
We will accomplish our obligation and provide relief and safe services, to continue being a trusted corporation to everyone.

We follow a basic schedule and aim to maintain the protection of personal information:

  • (1)Torres Group persists in the compliance (legal) of proper handling of individual information; that it is done according to regulations of the law, etc. relative to the protection of personal information.
  • (2)Torres Group clearly provides the purpose of use of individual information, and takes care of individual information properly within the range necessary to achieve this purpose. Moreover, it maintains an accurate and latest content of individual information.
  • (3)Torres Group executes necessary training and development etc. engages with and supervises the person in training.
  • (4)Torres Group maintains a system that is responsible for opening a committee that promotes the protection of individual information, for proper management of individual information, and arrangement of the person in charge, concerning protection of individual information, etc. through appropriate handling of individual information… Moreover, it manages so that it is properly handled by concluding that the non-disclosure contract has the consignment in advance, when handling individual information;it is consigned outside, and is supervised.
  • (5)Torres Group takes necessary safety management measures referring to various standards and guidelines, etc. securing and individual’s info security.
  • (6)Torres Group appropriately corresponds to the opinion and the consultation, etc. the customer concerned with the handling of individual information in Torres Group.
  • (7)Torres Group tries to improve necessary measures in addition to the system of management and the safety management measures by continuously promoting the protection of personal information.

We recognize that it is imperative that the Torres Group protect information on customers, not only individual information, but also, the corporation and other groups. The Torres Group properly cares for these information, as well as individual information.